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Clean and Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture

Regular cleaning and maintenance keep outdoor furniture looking its best. As outdoor furniture and outdoor accessories are available in a variety of materials, each may require a different method for its care. General Cleaning and Maintenance Tips Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and try to keep the instructions where you can easily access them for reference. Most outdoor furniture can be cleaned with mild soap and water. An application of car wax can be used to protect frames. Wicker [...]


Caring for Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor teak furniture is a dream come true for you if you don’t like spending a lot of time caring for furniture. It requires minimal care and still manages to look great indefinitely. Teak furniture, which is a warm golden brown initially, turns a silvery ash gray with time. To keep your outdoor teak furniture looking its best, you might have to clean it from time, but its care is not very time consuming. You may have [...]


What are teak wood grades and why they are important

Teak grade is a common way of determining teak wood’s quality and therefore pricing. Teak furniture usually indicates the grade of the wood used to make it. The grades that teak wood may have are A, B or C where A has the highest quality and price while C is the lowest quality and pricing. Teak wood graded A is wood is taken from the heart of the trunk where teak oil is more concentrated. Also A grade teak [...]