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This growing trend has spread among us to use reclaimed timber, which has a unique and attractive look about it. Coming with an enormous amount of history including notches and nail holes, reclaimed wood furniture comes alive in your hands and feels particularly rich and exquisite when it’s placed in your home. One of the nice benefits of using reclaimed wood by Art Classic Indonesia, is that no one piece of furniture is identical – and everything is handmade, [...]


Tropical Suar Wood

Found in most tropical rain-forests worldwide, the Suar tree, or Monkeypod, produces a relatively light but dense, durable Wood much sought-after by furniture manufacturers for its lasting beauty. A fast-growing tree with a thick trunk, Suar is a member of the pea family. Also known as Rain Tree for a tendency to fold up its leaves in the presence of rain, the typically golden to dark-brown coloured Suar-Wood features criss-crossing and interlocked grains that allow it to retain moisture and [...]