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Building a brand means making a commitment quality and warranty and our produce a range of furniture with

About us
Since 2006 Art Classic established itself as a leading designer and supplier of furniture, craft and home decoration, available to consumers. From its inception, Art Classic followed a path to producing furniture, craft and home decoration that is ethically sound and positively enhances the lives of those who bring it into their home. To this end, the company’s flagship oriental collection is made using teak Recycle wood, teak root, and recycle wood.
Each new range harnesses luxury and style and is from a sustainable source. Remaining true to Art Classic’s core principles brands are at the core of its home interiors offering stunning solid wood furniture made from certified  legal wood hand crafted in Jepara.

Environmental Policy Here At Art Classic

Doing business in an environmentally & socially sustainable way is an integral and ongoing part of our mission at Art Classic. We continually evaluate our products and business processes to see where we can make further improvements.

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