Teak Furniture

Natural Quality of Self-Protection

Best part of using teak wood in furniture making is that it has got a natural quality of self protection. Oil that is natural in teak makes it ideal for outdoor furniture and when used indoor, it will not be subjected to decay easily. In addition, teak is one of the most elegant woods for furniture making. At the same time it is also durable that makes it most popular among home owners and makers, as well as in [...]


Why Teak Care is Important

Why Teak Care is Important Taking a little care of the teak wood can extend its life almost tenfold. In result the furniture would become very durable. Moreover taking care will also ensure that the natural shine and gloss of the furniture will be enhanced and last for longer duration. Teak Care Taking Methods Some of the methods used to take care of teak wood, cleaning it and maintenance are as follows. • Washing teak would be possible with mild soap and water [...]


Why Solid Teak Furniture

Why Solid Teak Furniture is the Best Option for Outdoor Furniture Solid teak furniture is considered the best option for outdoor furniture because it is water resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and insect resistant. ‘A’ grade teak is used to manufacture the highest quality furniture in the industry. If you want durable and long lasting outdoor furniture, look no further than solid teak. Teak wood is also considered the best material to use for outdoor furniture because the wood remains stable [...]