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TEAK WICKER was established in 2002 as a purveyor of high quality antiques and eventually grew to become a modern production facility, We are able to fulfill large contract furniture orders, while still being small and hands on enough to supply more specialized orders (whether that be a private residence or a boutique cafe or the public areas of a hotel). Over 75% of what we produce is according to custom specifications, but we do carry over 200 of our own models in our existing collections. Many of these have been selected and “tweaked” by designers to make them their own.

We produce goods at the highest quality and within competitive pricing. We aim to please. We place a strong emphasis on attention to detail.

Our greatest asset is our team. Their flexibility and creative problem solving ability with priority maximum. Second only to our team, is the wonderful natural resources that exist within close reach of our production facility. The possibilities for creativity become endless. And with clear conscience, too, as we only use wood from government sustained plantations! Some of the vast amount of locally available materials are shown in the “materials” section.

Our global set up enables us to provide logistic support to our clients, and assures them of a continuity of service from design to delivery across various time zones. Our sales and administration staff strives to leverage all available resources to get your orders out on time in order to maximize client satisfaction.

Notice the diversity of existing products created by our in-house design team. That same team is available to serve designers in realizing their own goals within any given project.

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