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We are a producer of teak root, driftwood, erosion teak wood furniture and home decoration.

Teak root furniture is an exciting new addition to our beautiful range. Our products are carved from the root of the teak tree. The tree was felled many, many years ago but instead of burning the roots before replanting, as was done previously, these unique items are now being produced.

Here are a few gorgeous examples, each one totally unique like as: teak root coffee table, teak root bench, teak root dining table, teak root stool, teak root chairs, teak root console table, and many more..
We also do erosion teak lamps stand, erosion teak mirror, erosion teak table, driftwood desk lamp, rustic wall decoration and another home decoration product and unique handicrafts.
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Recycled boat furniture is becoming very popular around the world because of its solid base and strike look, which although very different fits in with many interiors

Code : TRN 4008

Mizzana Concole Root

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We also provide Gazebo and Suar Wood Furniture is exotic furniture for your , also we provide  Classic Furniture and Antique Furniture,Teak Root Nature Furniture. Welcome to Importer furniture, Shop furniture, Contractor Furniture and  retail or Personal Buyer Furniture.


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Facts you need to know about Legal Wood

Under new Laws in force from 1st January 2015, the Indonesian Government strictly regulates the export of all Wood and Furniture Wood and Handicraft Products through the SVLK (System Veritas Legal Kayu). This scheme was set up by the Indonesian Government, jointly in consultation and support of the European Union and the United Kingdom to ensure that all wood products use raw materials from legally approved sources and not by indiscriminately cutting down natural forests or destroying the environment and natural habitat.

From 2012 to this year to perform the auditing of each and every consignment for export to certify compliance with the rules.

Additional information

Dimensions 120 x 40 x 75 cm

Material Specification:

  • Wood material original recycled wood
  • Solid wood material with legal wood certificated
  • Sealer  finish with NITROCELLULOSE (NC) , Melamine  or teak oiled finishing (TBA)
  • Warranty quality material seconder best quality
  • Made in Indonesia

Solid Wood should be kiln dried for about three weeks to a moisture content of about 8% - 12% before used in manufacturing of  furniture.

The drying process increases the stability and hardness of the wood.
If  Wood is not properly dried (internal areas have a higher moisture content) then the furniture is subject to splitting and warping if used in an area of low atmospheric humidity.

As wood dries, it shrinks. If the outer layers of the wood are dry, but the inner layers are not when the furniture is manufactured, then as the inner layers adapt to the atmospheric moisture content (sometimes a period as short as 6 - 10 days) the wood warps or splits to accommodate the shrinkage.

If the wood was properly kiln dried, then the outer and inner moisture content is the same, and the furniture will be stable.